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RPI Part#Document TypeOEMModelResource
VPK016NewslettersAIR TECHNIQUES, APOLLO/MIDMARK, DENTAL-EZ, MATRX/MIDMARK, MIDMARK®, TECH WESTVacStar 2, VacStar 4, VacStar 5, VacStar 8, VacStar 20, VacStar 40, VacStar 50, VacStar 50H, VacStar 80, VacStar 80H, AVB10SR, AVB10TNR, AVB15RR, AVB15SR, AVB15TNR, AVB20RR, AVB20SR, AVB20TNR, AVG10RR, AVG10SR, AVG10TNR, AVG15SR, AVG15TNR, AVG20SR, AVG20TNR, AVG30SR, AVG30TNR, AVU10RR, AVU10SR, AVU10TNR, AVU15RR, AVU15SR, AVU15TNR, AVU20RR, AVU20SR, AVU20TNR, AVU30RR, AVU30SR, AVU30TNR, CV-101, CV-101W, CV-102, CV-102W, MC-201, MC-201W, MC-202, Maximizer 1000, Maximizer 1000-2, Maximizer 2000, Maximizer 2000-2P, Minimizer 1000, Minimizer 1000-2P, Minimizer 2000, Minimizer 2000-2P, CV3, CV3R, CV5, CV5R, CV6, CV6R, CV10, CV10R, VPL2S1, VPL2S2, VPL2SS, VPL3S1, VPL3S2, VPL3SS, VPL4D2, VPL4S2, VPL6D2, VPL6T2, VPL8D2, VPL9T2, VPL12T2, VPLG5S1, VPLG5S2, VPLG5SS, VPLG10D2, VPLG15T2 What's New - New Line of Parts to fit Dental Vacuum Units - May 2015 Volume 10 No 4