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RPI Part#Document TypeOEMModelResource
TUJ034Videos & PPT-PDFsTUTTNAUER® 1730E (120VAC), 1730E (230VAC), 1730M (120VAC), 1730M (230VAC), 2340E (120VAC), 2340E (230VAC), 2340EA (120VAC), 2340EA (230VAC), 2340M (120VAC), 2340M (230VAC), 2540E (120VAC), 2540E (230VAC), 2540EA (120VAC), 2540EA (230VAC), 2540EHS (120VAC), 2540EHS (230VAC), 2540M (120VAC), 2540M (230VAC), 3850EHS (230VAC), 3870EHS (230VAC), EZ9 (120VAC), EZ9 (230VAC), EZ10 (120VAC), EZ10 (230VAC) An Introduction to Tuttnauer®Manual Sterilizers - 07/16 (PPT-PDF)