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RPI Part#Document TypeOEMModelResource
RPS672NewslettersSTRYKER, DENTSPLY, POWER CORDS, PLUGS AND CONNECTORS, ELECTRICALPower Cords, Cable Ties, Cable Tie Tool, and Accessories, 940 Cast Cutter, 941 Cast Cutter, Cavitron® BOBCAT® 25 KHz - G115, Cavitron® BOBCAT® Pro - G130, Cavitron® DualSelect™ Dispensing System - G118, Cavitron® JET Plus™ - G132, Cavitron® JET with SPS™ - G120, Cavitron® Plus™ Scaler - G131, Cavitron® Prophy-JET® Air Polishing System - G122, Cavitron® Select™ Scaler 25K - G121, Cavitron® Select™ SPS™ 30K - G124, Cavitron® SPS™ Surface Mount Ultrasonic Scaler - G98a, Cavitron® SPS™ Ultrasonic Scaler - G119, Cavitron® Plus™ Scaler -G136, Cavitron® JET Plus™ - G137, Cavitron® Prophy-JET® - G138, Cavitron® Touch™ Scaler - G1000 What's New From RPI - Orthopedics & Physical Therapy - September 2008 Volume 8 No 5