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RPI Part#Document TypeOEMModelResource
RPB795Smart Kit® BookletPELTON & CRANE, SCICAN, MIDMARK® - RITTER , ACCESSORIES and SUPPLIES, SCICAN, TUTTNAUER® 7, M7, HP2, FL, Validator 10 (AA), FL2, GN, HP, Sentry (A7), Magnaclave, Validator 8 (AB), OCM (A3), OCR+ (A8), Validator Plus 8 (AC), Validator Plus 10 (AD), OCR (A4), M9, M11, Delta 8" (AE), Delta 10" (AF), Statim 2000, Statim 5000, Statim 900, M9D, M11D, Delta XL8, Delta XL10, Delta Q8, Delta Q10, Statim 7000, Hydrim® Washers, Sterilizer Cleaning Supplies, Statim G4 2000, Statim G4 5000, 1730E (120VAC), 1730E (230VAC), 1730EK (120VAC), 1730EK (230VAC), 1730M (120VAC), 1730M (230VAC), 1730MK (120VAC), 1730MK (230VAC), 1730MKV (120VAC), 1730MKV (230VAC), 2340E (120VAC), 2340E (230VAC), 2340EA (120VAC), 2340EA (230VAC), 2340EK (230VAC), 2340EKA (230VAC), 2340M (120VAC), 2340M (230VAC), 2340MK (230VAC), 2540E (120VAC), 2540E (230VAC), 2540EA (120VAC), 2540EA (230VAC), 2540EHS (120VAC), 2540EHS (230VAC), 2540EK (230VAC), 2540EKA (230VAC), 2540M (120VAC), 2540M (230VAC), 2540MK (230VAC), 3850E (230VAC), 3850EA (230VAC), 3850EHS (230VAC), 3850M (230VAC), 3870E (230VAC), 3870EA (230VAC), 3870EHS (230VAC), 3870M (230VAC), EZ9 (120VAC), EZ9 (230VAC), EZ9K (230VAC), EZ10 (120VAC), EZ10 (230VAC), EZ10K (230VAC) Instruction Booklet - RPI Field Service Smart Kit® - A Guide to Maintaining the SciCan StatIM Cassette Autoclave