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RPI Part#Document TypeOEMModelResource
LMP601Prop 65 WarningBELMONT, Various Equipment, HEALTHCO, CHAYES, FIAD, BELMONT, HEALTHCO, BELMONT, Various Equipment040 & 046, LAMPS & BULBS, ARISTOCRAT LIGHT, CHAYES LIGHT, THE LIGHT, X-Calibur 046/BLU & BLW, X-Calibur 047/BLC, X-Calibur 048/BLT, X-Calibur 049/BLPW, X-Calibur 046/HLU & HLW, X-Calibur 047/HLC, X-Calibur 048/HLT, X-Calibur 049/HLPW, DENTAL LAMPS & BULBS Prop65 Warning: RPI Part #LMP601

California Proposition 65 Warning Information