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RPI Part #RPC799
OEM Part #(OEM Part # Not Available)


  • Size: 13"H x 10"W x 3-1/2"D
  • 3 brush compartments and large storage space
  • 2 end pouches large enough to accommodate 16 oz. bottles
  • Large front pocket
  • Zipper closure
  • Also included in: Cleaning Kit (RPI Part #RPK791)

Model(s) This Part Fits: 1730E (120VAC), 1730E (230VAC), 1730EK (120VAC), 1730EK (230VAC), 1730M (120VAC), 1730M (230VAC), 1730MK (120VAC), 1730MK (230VAC), 1730MKV (120VAC), 1730MKV (230VAC), 2340E (120VAC), 2340E (230VAC), 2340EA (120VAC), 2340EA (230VAC), 2340EK (230VAC), 2340EKA (230VAC), 2340M (120VAC), 2340M (230VAC), 2340MK (230VAC), 2540E (120VAC), 2540E (230VAC), 2540EA (120VAC), 2540EA (230VAC), 2540EHS (120VAC), 2540EHS (230VAC), 2540EK (230VAC), 2540EKA (230VAC), 2540M (120VAC), 2540M (230VAC), 2540MK (230VAC), 3850E (230VAC), 3850EA (230VAC), 3850EHS (230VAC), 3850M (230VAC), 3870E (230VAC), 3870EA (230VAC), 3870EHS (230VAC), 3870M (230VAC), 7, Delta 10" (AF), Delta 8" (AE), Delta Q10, Delta Q8, Delta XL10, Delta XL8, EZ10 (120VAC), EZ10 (230VAC), EZ10K (230VAC), EZ9 (120VAC), EZ9 (230VAC), EZ9K (230VAC), FL, FL2, GN, HP, HP2, Hydrim® Washers, M11, M11D, M7, M9, M9D, Magnaclave, OCM (A3), OCR (A4), OCR+ (A8), Sentry (A7), Statim 2000, Statim 5000, Statim 7000, Statim 900, Statim G4 2000, Statim G4 5000, Sterilizer Cleaning Supplies, Validator 10 (AA), Validator 8 (AB), Validator Plus 10 (AD), Validator Plus 8 (AC)

Catalog Page(s): 10-550, 10-551

Part Description Updated: 5/1/2022

(All others please call or fax for pricing.)

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